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When it comes to excellence in eLearning - in fact in any learning, there are no short cuts!

Often as consultants, we are asked to apply the ADDIE Model ie. is Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate.

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This is the standard for Instructional Design.  Within this framework, we need to craft a "learning experience" for the recipient of the training, that will bring to life the key learning objectives of the business need.

We frequently see organisations that try to force-fit the development on to a technical build requirement rather than actually satisfying the user or business need, a large part of our business is fixing situations just like this.

So when you select Engage Learning help your people learn, be sure that we will confirm your training need, before we commence design or development.  

In addition, we will always start with the end in mind.  If we can't quantify what your business will accept as evidence of success then we are not ready to begin, and neither are you!

In short, when you choose Engage Learning, you choose peace of mind - we will get the programme across the line.


Define – Blue Sky Thinking, Nuts & Bolts, Nooks & Crannies

We start with blue sky thinking then drill down to the individual nuts and bolts to define every nook and cranny of your organisations learning needs. We look at what you're doing now and where you need to go in the future.  We specialise in Training Needs Analysis.  Organisations often modify their programme of work once we have assisted them to define what is actually required.

Design – Output Focused Design

We isolate the key categories then break these into smaller digestible components before designing an all-inclusive system ready for our developers to compose a learning programme masterpiece. Once we have defined your need, then we agree with you how we will "assess" the success of the programme.  We then design the learning against those assessment criteria.

Develop – eLearning, Face-to-Face & Blended Learning

We use the latest technology to create custom and responsive eLearning solutions. We also integrate face-to-face training resources, resulting in blended learning solutions to assist in learners digital transformation.   Digital Transformation requires an integrated learning approach.  Change happens at the individual level, NOT the organisational level.  So simply implementing a new organisation-wide system, will NOT work, the change needs to happen at individual level.

Deliver – Excellence & Expertise For Smooth & Efficient Systems

We work with businesses and organisations to help them better train their people and to drive digital transformation. We value technical excellence and have expert knowledge in key areas of workplace training, along with the systems and tools required to deliver effective learning.  We specialist in eLearning and blended learning.




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